New Tech Entrepreneur Peer Mentor Group

April 30, 2024 12:00 pm PDT
Join the New Tech Peer Mentors group to experience the power of having a trusted and influential group sharing their experience, connections, and confidentiality in support of you. Is it time for you to focus on the right things for smarter growth and more impactful outcomes? Apply Now for the next cohort!

About This Event

Want to scale smarter, avoid costly mistakes, and succeed faster?

You’re invited to join our exclusive peer mentoring group tailored specifically for PNW tech entrepreneurs and leaders.

This group was created to share the wealth of knowledge, experience, and connections New Tech has amassed by being the hub of the PNW tech community.

You can leverage our wisdom and relationships to gain access to the people, organizations, and strategies to propel your company forward.

One way to make sure that your work and life stay on track with deeper meaning and fulfillment is to share the journey with fellow entrepreneurs, founders, and leaders who understand what you’re going through and enjoy contributing to your success.

This is an opportunity to surround yourself with a diverse and driven community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about personal and professional growth.

Applying for the group is fast and easy! Schedule a discovery call to share your struggles and goals while you learn more about the  group. Through this conversation together we can decide whether or not the group is the best fit for you, and whether you’re a good fit for the group.

“I hired Brett to help me with growing my startup on the road to being acquired. Brett brought so much more to the table than I expected. His understanding of human psychology and behavior helped us immensely in putting together customer personas and more effective marketing campaigns. His thorough and methodical approach helped us build a large pipeline of prospects in a very short period. Brett’s coaching, patience, and ability to explain complex ideas in simple terms makes him an asset for anyone looking to work with him.” -Hans Harindipal, Co-Founder & COO, Nurego (acquired by General Electric)

“For any business owners looking to scale, I would highly recommend Brett to help challenge and grow your team! When I started my agency (Killer Visual Strategies), I hired Brett to help train and coach my marketing team. The result was amazing! Following Brett’s work with us, my marketing team was more confident, data-driven, and ambitious than ever before. I’ve grown personally from Brett’s advice and guidance over the years. He’s been a great guide and confidant to have in my corner!” – Amy Balliett, Founder & CEO, Killer Visual Strategies (acquired by  Material)

“My leadership capabilities have grown measurably and quickly after working with Brett. I always look forward to our sessions because Brett is an incredible listener who is super comfortable to be with. He asks insightful questions that reveal hidden challenges, uncovers pain points, and brings new solutions to light. I would recommend Brett to any professional interested in lasting improvement.” – Stuart Butler, Founder & President, Butler Seattle & Events (Seattle’s Largest Award Winning Transportation company

Want to join us?

If you’re a tech entrepreneur or startup leader come discover the transformative power of a peer mentor network supporting your professional journey.

Exchange experiences, forge valuable connections, and gain access to powerful resources that can propel your business to new heights. This is your chance to scale smarter. Don’t hesitate – apply now!

If you’re accepted into the next cohort you can:

  • Focus on the smart things to scale for uncommon business growth while enjoying your family, health, and love for your work
  • Improve your mental health (prevent burnout, anxiety, and depression)
  • Expand your investor and industry connections
  • Experience having  powerful trusted peer advice, experience, connections, and confidentiality in support of your goals
  • Have more encouragement, accountability, insight, renewal, coaching, and opportunities that only come from a mastermind group dedicated to your success
  • Propel your company growth opportunities to new heights
  • Have a confidential place to talk about what really matters in your business with people who get it and can help you
  • Achieve your most impactful results faster

Four Pillars of Support:

Working through your business challenges and opportunities with:
A confidential peer group
A buddy in the group
1:1 executive coaching
Guest expert mentorship


  • Location: Virtual
  • Moderator: Brett Greene
  • Participating Companies: Maximum of 10
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Time Commitment per month
    • 90 minutes with your group
    • 30 minutes with your peer buddy
    • and an optional 30 minutes of 1:1 executive coaching
  • Monthly Agenda: Focus on sharing B2B and SAAS business best practices, resources, and connections to help each other out during challenging times
  • Guest Expert AMA Conversations
    • Operations
    • Product / Market Fit
    • Marketing
    • Fundraising
    • Finance
    • Legal
    • Team building
    • Leadership
    • Any business topic you need help with


  • Early to Mid-stage Technology Founder or Leader of a B2B company
  • SAAS companies preferred
  • 1 Year Commitment
  • Commit to 10 of the 12 Meetings
  • Wish to Create a Larger Organization
  • Open to Helping Other Peer Mentors Succeed

Investment Value:

Only $2,500 for a full year of access to exclusive experiences, entrepreneurial wisdom, and powerful connections to make more money and fewer mistakes with your business. Our focus is to help you grow your company smarter and faster than you can now with a significant return on this investment in yourself and your business.

Can you benefit from expert mentorship, tailored resources, and an expanding network of industry leaders? Then don’t miss out on this transformative experience!

Meet Your Group Leader:

Brett Greene is the award-winning Founder of the New Tech Northwest community of 60,000+ technologists. He is also an Executive Coach who has ADHD, a master’s degree in counseling psychology, and almost 20 years of experience coaching hundreds of startup and enterprise leaders to create fulfilling high-impact lives, companies, and careers. Brett also trains corporations on how to create neurodivergent-friendly company cultures to increase happiness, productivity, and profits.

His specialty is helping tech leaders with (and without) ADHD to master their communication and relationship struggles to create fulfilling high-impact lives and companies.

Many of his clients have experienced extraordinary personal and professional growth, success, and sometimes exits including a Fortune 50 acquisition.