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April 30, 2024 12:00 pm PDT
Join the New Tech Peer Mentors group to experience the power of having a trusted and influential group sharing their experience, connections, and confidentiality in support of you. Is it time for you to focus on the right things for smarter growth and more impactful outcomes? Apply Now for the next cohort!

“Great communities are built on a foundation of great connection points. The work that Brett, Kemi, and the crew at NTNW do every month is a great example of the magic that makes the Seattle startup community so powerful.”
Jacob Colker
Managing Director, Startup Incubator, Allen Institute for AI (AI2)

"I had a wonderful experience at New Tech Northwest as a speaker on their VR/AR series. I highly recommend anyone wishing to learn more about the northwest tech community to attend every New Tech Northwest event that you can. They are by far the best networking events you can attend. In fact, I have not only made wonderful connections, I've found two exceptionally talented new hires for my own company as well as strategic partners and even investors. But, the best part of these events are the new friends you will make!

By far, the most valuable gift that we received from our participation in NTNW is the gift of community. We've networked with so many wonderful people that attended and presented at NTNW events, that we quickly learned the value of the community that is nurtured by the wonderful people of NTNW. In fact, my participation in NTNW events led directly to new and paying customers, multiple other speaking engagements and two new business ventures. I also met a new business partner at my first NTNW presentation that led to us developing a very close friendship and even starting a new business venture together. None of this would have happened without the positive community that comes from NTNW events. Thank you for that!!! "

Mat Chacon Founder/CEO, Doghead Simulations

"As a struggling startup (AppSheet), we really benefited from the community that New Tech Northwest has created here in the greater Seattle area. It gave us an opportunity to meet other people in the startup ecosystem, exchange ideas, and talk about our work together." 

Praveen Seshadri
CEO / Co-Founder, AppSheet (acquired by Google)


"Wow, what can I say about Red and Brett and New Tech Seattle?! NTS has proven to be a great resource for me professionally and personally. Not only have I found great business contacts at these events, but I’ve made some amazing friends! I work for WAVE Broadband, a Gigabit Fiber company based in the Seattle area, and through NTS I’ve gotten dozens of leads and won several new Enterprise Accounts. My Small Business Services and Residential Services teams have also won many new customers from the contacts they’ve made at NTS events. Not only this, but I’ve also hired a Commercial Account Executive that I met there :). The presentations I’ve seen are all top notch, and every month Brett and Red bring their A-game and tons of intensity to the stage. The Eastside needs an event like this to foster the Tech entrepreneur community and to bring attention to all the great things that are going on in the area. Since my headquarters office is in Kirkland, I know that I’ll be in attendance to an NTE event each month!"

Dan Savage
Enterprise Account Executive, Wave Broadband


"Thank you very much for how you handled the visiting Chinese group from Wuxi. They were very happy that they were able to talk to so many people. They were also impressed at the amount of energy shown and the diversity of people and interests."

"You may remember that Robert Mao mentioned he went to high school in Wuxi. The young woman in the Wuxi delegation went to the same high school. This was an astonishing coincidence, there must be 20,000 high schools in China. She talked to Robert afterwards, and was excited to find that someone from her high school made it to Seattle and started a company."

Dan Brown
CEO, Bruxton Corporation


"It is a tough to find developer talent in a hot tech market like Seattle, but we had great success at NTS on a couple of occasions. One in particular, we hired a developer within a week that lived within walking distance of our office!"

On helping my business: "At NTS we, Tango Card, successfully found customers for our Gift Card API and found services that we use consistently. Plus, good beer is good for anything, business included."

Scotty Greenburg
Marketing Manager, TangoCard


"Thank you for your awesome enthusiasm for us last night. There is not an ounce of BS when I say that we couldn't be here without your support, generosity and advocacy, and the people at New Tech are so welcoming. I always get terribly nervous right before speaking, but feel like I'm talking to family and friends at the end. You're making community energy happening, and SO doing it right."

You're the best!!

Susie Lee
Founder, Siren


"On the Eastside there is a big need for a major event like New Tech Eastside. It seems like all of the best tech and entrepreneur events are in Seattle. Every day I speak with entrepreneurs who are just starting up, relocating from another state, or looking to find developers for their startup and one thing I always mention are great events like New Tech Seattle. It's a must attend event for people that want to connect with other people in the tech industry."

Peter Chee
Founder & CEO, ThinkSpace


"I had a great time presenting at New Tech Seattle last Thursday! Thank you very much for supporting me and giving me that opportunity!  An investor, a UX designer, an HR expert all approached me afterwards :). I feel very charged by the enthusiastic feedback from our community! Thank you for bringing all of us together!"

Helen Wang
CEO and Founder, 6Crickets

"I wanted to take a moment to encourage you all in the tech community to explore the New Tech events. I’ve known Brett and Kat for many years, even before New Tech, and the substance of what Brett, Kat and the rest of the New Tech team bring, comes from a place of being genuine and real. You can see that at each event. I was at a recent event that was lightly attended and Brett felt the vibe was lower than normal. I let him know that I still made two extremely good business connections and for me, that’s what it’s really about. If you are a frequent attendee, I’m sure you’ll agree with me, if you’re new to this community, trust me, it’s worth your time."

Duane Mack
Vice President of Sales – US Operations, Turnotech


"Brett's ability to build community and motivate that community for a common purpose is second to none. Through his successful efforts to build New Tech Seattle, he's grown the organization 4x over the years to now include a local chapter on the Eastside that in it's debut drew several hundred professionals from local technology companies and venture capital firms. Despite the meet ups' rapid growth and success, it continues to feel almost like an extended family, a close knit community which is a credit to Brett's leadership and personal touch."

Jim Bak

Director & Analyst, INRIX


"New Tech Seattle gave us our very first opportunity to talk about Magicflix - our concept, product, vision and company to the local Seattle audience. It also helped us get noticed by TechStars and we made several new connections."

Mamtha Banerjee
Founder, Magicflix