Angel Funding

50 Women VCs and Angel Investors (list) – “More female venture capitalists is directly correlated with more female founders getting funding,” said Gillian Muessig, the Moz co-founder who is CEO of Seattle-based Outlines Venture Group and founder of Sybilla Masters Fund. “I believe there is not only correlation, but causation. This is exciting for female founders and for the world at large.”

Alliance of Angels – A group of 140 active angel investors. Each year, we invest $10M into 20 startups and provide mentorship to help them succeed. They typically invest across hardware, information technology, life sciences and consumer companies.

AoA Office Hours
Receive friendly feedback on your business and get any fundraising questions you may have answered by an angel investor during these thirty minute 1:1 sessions.  Sign up for a time slot at the location most convenient for you – ExtraSliceGalvanizeStartup Hall or WeWork South Lake Union.

Angels, Pitches and Beer – This group is designed to hold meetups so entrepreneurs can meet Angel Investors and have a chance to pitch their company. Designed to reduce the inefficiencies with multiple pitches and running around town trying to get introductions to Angel Investors.

Black Founders Matter – will provide a direct funding path for Black led enterprises. Creating access to not only to funds but critical resources thru our network of diverse mentors and partners. We are currently raising $10,000,000 as part of the Black Founders Venture Fund. You can support our efforts to change the entrepreneurial landscape by purchasing our Limited Edition Black Founders Matter apparel. Each sale directly supports our cause and raises awareness for this very important movement.

Element 8 (E8) – E8 members, whether seasoned or new investors, gain access to quality deal flow and the tools for successful investing. Cooperative due diligence, a powerful business network, and relevant, timely education allow our members to build a unique and diverse portfolio to match their interests and to balance their goals for environmental and financial returns.

Founders Co-op – An early-stage venture fund built by founders, for founders helping the best entrepreneurs in Cascadia build companies that change the world.

Gary Rubens – Gary is a Serial Entrepreneur, Start-Up Investor, Philanthropist and Real Estate Developer based in the Seattle area. Since 2014, Gary has over $17M invested in over 80 companies ranging from Wearable Technology to Cosmetics.

Geekwire Recent Fundings List – A regularly updated list of startup funding deals in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, as reported by GeekWire. Know a recent or upcoming deal we should include? Let us know. Related Resources: Startup ListGeekWire 200Seattle Engineering Outposts, and Startup Spaces.

Grubstakes – We are 50+ individual investors in Seattle that fund and mentor startups in the Pacific Northwest. Our mission is to foster an engaged, collaborative, and smart angel investor community. We aim to ensure that founders are well-financed and succeed through exit. The startups we fund and support are game changers led by extraordinary teams.

Keiretsu Forum – The World’s Largest Angel Investor Network (Seattle, Kirkland, Tacoma)

Minimum Fundable Company Test – 20-question test asks questions related to everything from market validation to gross margin percentages, with five areas of focus: Startup Viability, Business Model, Market Strategy, Management, and The Deal.

Portfolia – Lets entrepreneurs profile their companies to investors globally and streamlines the fundraising process.  Portfolia welcomes innovative companies in the conceptual through growth stages, especially those where a national base of sophisticated and connected investors can impact success and build markets. We help older women entrepreneurs, with an Active Aging Fund aimed at backing companies with founders over the age of 50, and the Rising Tide Fund, which makes early-stage investments in businesses run by underrepresented groups, especially women.

Puget Sound Venture Club – A small, focused community of accredited investors who represent themselves or their organizations while providing access to the experience and insight of other investor members.

Seachange Fund – We debuted a leading-edge investment model aiming to bring a professional dimension to the startup investing process. We leverage the intelligence and experience of our investors into a disciplined and thoughtful evaluation process which leads to well-considered investments in dynamic PNW companies.

Seattle Angel Conference – Engage with entrepreneurs and investors as they explore the details of the conference investment. At the end of the day one of the teams will get selected for a $150K+ investment.

Seattle Angel Fund – A collaborative and interactive, member-directed investment fund focusing on Pacific Northwest start-up and early-stage, growth-oriented businesses.

Seattle Angel Investor Ecosystem – Founder Survey Q1 2020-survey of 70 local technology startup founders who’ve raised capital from angels. The message was clear: angels need to be more visible, faster, and more willing to swing for the fences, or they risk losing the best opportunities in town to the increasingly active local and Bay Area seed and pre-seed funds.

Seattle Founder < > Investor Connection Tool – A simple public list as a way for founders to find and connect with investors here in Seattle for short office hours. You as founders will see the relevant details about investors, their firms and find a link to book time directly with different investors. 

Seattle Venture Capital Startup Toolkit – In an era where every third person on LinkedIn includes “angel investor” in their profile, it’s incredibly difficult to sort out who is actively writing checks, let alone what kinds of companies they get excited about. And if you’re looking for VC investment, it can be equally challenging to understand which funds are active, which partners to talk to, and which areas they back. Add in legal, HR, hosting, and other service providers, and it’s a dizzying amount of work just to figure out who to talk to about actually doing the work. This toolkit is a work in progress – and by no means comprehensive – meant to shed light on some of these topics for Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, and other Pacific Northwest founders.

Swan Venture Fund – a group of operators and industry experts. Our expertise ranges from product development work, to large company acquisitions, to business development, and to almost every aspect of a business as it grows. This fund will be investing in 10-15 companies from June 2015 to December 2016. We lead in angel seed rounds (the first $500k-$1.5M).

TiE Angel Group Seattle (TAGS) – Providing strategic early stage investment and support, by leveraging the invaluable experience and network of TiE Charter Members.

Washington State Black Angel Network –  is a growing group of Angel investors focused on supporting Black startups with access to capital and mentorship. Our mission is to build and train a network of investors to co-create the future of business in the African Diaspora. 

WeFunder a platform where you can join over 500,000 angel investors and get equity and front row seats to the startups and small businesses you love. Explore startups raising now, co-invest with notable angels and VCs, and invest in founders building the future with as little as $100. We’re currently working on making it prestigious for even VC-backed startups to raise a Community Round – so their users, customers, and passionate fans can invest alongside venture capitalists and other wealthy well-networked insiders. Our ultimate goal is to make it normal for startups to raise on Wefunder in a “mini-IPO” before they file for a “real IPO”. We want to re-create the market of the 1990s, when investors could get liquidity in a few years – not over a decade.

WINGS – A non-profit angel network that facilitates seed and early stage investments for medical technology companies in Washington State.

WTIA Startup Club Investors and Sources of Capital – Discover all of the Seattle area investment sources the Washington Technology Industry Association has rounded up for your funding through Angel, Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C, Grants and Impact Investing, Alternative Funding and Debt sources.