Center of Excellence for Information & Computing Technology – Coordinated access to diverse students from across Washington state’s 34 community and technical colleges, including students in both two- and four-year hands-on technology programs.

Educurious – a nonprofit organization committed to education and community-based initiatives designed to ensure young people have the vision, skills, and support they need to succeed.  They are actively recruiting employers to host Seattle-area youth in summer internships. Are you ready to unlock opportunity for young people?  On-boarding, training, and support is provided.

InternMatch – Internships in Seattle aren’t all about computers. Business majors can intern in Seattle in the thriving startup community or at one of the many small businesses that help make the city so unique. Not to mention, bolstered by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Seattle is one of the best cities for non-profit internships. The city is very eco-friendly and embraces a culture of social good, which means some of the most impactful NFPs in the world are based in Seattle.

Minyawns  – Describe what you need to get done, when you want help, and how much you are willing to pay. We’re talking about professional, reliable, competent and sociable young college students looking for work.

Seattle U – Every year 65-70% of undergraduate students complete at least ONE internship. Over 60% of those internships convert to full-time job offers (National Association of Colleges and Employers, 2011).

Seattle Pacific U – An internship allows you to integrate and apply your academic coursework to a professional work situation, gain valuable skills and experiences, and increase your marketability to future employers.

UW Career Center – Internship Guidelines for Employers Recruiting at the University of Washington.