20 Great Podcasts for Entrepreneurs – The title says it all. Check ’em out!

35 Tech Podcasts Worth Listening To – New technology is emerging every day, and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest research and trends. That’s why the team at The Mission has compiled this list for you!

a16z – Andreessen Horowitz shares their insights on what’s happening in the tech world.

Founders Unfound – a media project created to tell the stories of exceptional entrepreneurs and tech founders from underrepresented backgrounds – starting with founders of African descent. We have a regular podcast and complimentary blog created to shine a light on the broad spectrum that reflects all the diversity in entrepreneurship today. We spotlight black entrepreneurs working on venture-worthy, big opportunity ideas. We know behind every founder team is an origin story that deserves to be boldly told.

Geekwire – John Cook, Todd Bishop and guests talk about the latest tech news and trends in Seattle that affect the world.

GiveFirst -In the startup world, Give First means simply trying to help anyone – especially entrepreneurs – with no expectation of getting anything back. It’s the pay-it-forward principle that builds strong startup networks. Hosts David Cohen and Brad Feld – Techstars cofounders, lifelong entrepreneurs, and startup investors—talk with mentors and founders about what giving first looks like in action, and how it makes great entrepreneurship possible. Listen for stories and actionable advice in every episode.

Seed to Scale – Each episode will be hosted by an Eniac General Partner – Hadley Harris, Nihal Mehta, Tim Young or Vic Singh – to talk about the ups and downs of building an early-stage company, securing funding and what it takes to build a lasting business.

Silent Superheroes – A series of frank conversations about mental health at work

StartUp – a podcast about what it’s really like to get a business off the ground.

The Law of Startups – Joe Wallin and Michael Schneider interview conduct an ongoing conversation with members of the startup community in the Pacific Northwest.

This Week in Startups – The most interesting, outrageous & illuminating stories from the world of entrepreneurship.

XRSEAPod.com – with Vinay Narayan, Kirby Shabaga, Nirav Desai discuss enterprise applications of virtual and augmented reality.

Y’all Hiring? – Conversations that lead to strong takeaways for folks in the recruiting profession. No matter if you are just starting out, moving into leadership, or chilling at the executive level, this podcast was designed with you in mind. Tune in to check out Roz and her industry colleagues, as they discuss all the things that you have been dying to know. Nothing is off limits and nothing is sugar coated. The goal is to inform those thinking of joining the profession and to validate and inspire those that are already amongst us.