The Practicality of Circularity: How to Overcome Implementation Obstacles


June 7, 2023    
3:30 pm - 6:00 pm


1511 6th ave. 3rd floor Seattle, WA 98101

Event Organizer

Synapse Product Development

How do we keep doing business when we don’t have an endless supply of new material to work with?

Whether you’re making jeans or building PCBAs, recycling and reusing will become the norm as virgin material streams get more expensive and hard to find. But there are immense hurdles to embracing circularity as a founding principle of your company, from circular supply chains to extending producer responsibility and consumer behaviors to hardware challenges. Join us for a panel discussion with industry leaders to hear how to overcome obstacles on your journey in bringing circularity from concept to reality.

Martine Stillman, SVP of Engineering, Synapse

Zahlen Titcomb, CEO and Co-Founder of Ravel
Adrian Tan, Policy & Market Development Manager -Recycling & Environmental Services at King County Seattle
Reily Blackner Electrical Engineer and Big Little Talks Finalist at Synapse

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