How to Make Working from Home Really Work: Resources and Tips

With offices and businesses closed across the globe, countless people are confronting both the perks and drawbacks of working from home. This includes artists, designers, and engineers who typically work in museum settings or on more creative projects. Getting used to the rhythm of remote work can take some time and patience, but it can also help to have a few work-from-home tips and resources to guide you. 

Get Creative with Your Home Workspace 

When you begin working from home, it’s important to set up a dedicated workspace to help you focus. Thankfully these tips can make this process easier. 

  • Home office design is all about location and productivity, so choose an area of your home where you will not be distracted by a spouse, children, or anything else. 
  • If you want a DIY project that will help you WFH and stay busy, think about refreshing your walls with paint colors that will enhance your focus, creativity, and mood. 
  • Add creative shelving to keep your new home office from being cluttered or boring. 
  • Finish your home workspace with some decorative touches to boost productivity. 

Adapt Routines to Your Remote Work Needs 

Changing your home can improve your workflow when working from home but you also may need to use these tips to adjust your routines and adapt to new normals: 

  • The pandemic has presented some unique challenges to remote and freelance workers. Fortunately, if you need to find work, online job boards such as Upwork have taken steps to ensure it remains easy for freelancers to connect with potential clients.
  • Having kids at home can make staying focused a challenge, even with a home office, so you need to be prepared to keep them busy. 
  • Sharing a home office with a partner or spouse can also impact your focus and productivity, but setting a few ground rules can help you work together better. 
  • Sticking to a regular schedule is one of the most effective ways to manage your remote work responsibilities without feeling overwhelmed. 

Stay Connected to Your Clients and Coworkers 

Not being able to meet with clients and team members in person can put a damper on your business but these resources can help keep you all on the same page. 

  • Research video conferencing apps that can help you collaborate with clients and fellow employees without having to breach social-distancing guidelines. 
  • Read online resources to help with the feelings of isolation that can come with working from home for an extended period of time. 
  • Use free project management tools to make teamwork less of a struggle and provide effective virtual communication tools. 
  • Create a professional profile to connect with clients and coworkers via social media. 

Staying focused, productive, and positive when you are working remotely can become more challenging as time goes on. So, try to implement some of the tips above into your WFH routine and environment and also keep an open mind. You never know what sort of changes and new normals the future will hold for your work routines. 

Photo Credit: Rawpixel

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