ADHD Group Coaching for Tech Founders & Professionals with ADD / ADHD

January 31, 2023 12:00 pm PDT
Join a community of peers where you can discover how to level up your career or company growth while learning how to better manage your ADHD super powers and weaknesses. Create systems and strategies to overcome your executive functioning and working memory challenges like anxiety, overwhelm, miscommunication, interrupting, inattentiveness, stress, distractibility, procrastination, paperwork fails, imposter syndrome, and weak organization skills. Apply Now for the January 2023 Cohort!

About This Event

Because a large percentage of New Tech community members are living with ADHD, we’ve partnered with our Founder Brett Greene’s coaching company, Epsilon Coaching, to offer group coaching and Mastermind sessions to our community.

Brett is a transformational Executive Coach who has ADHD, a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology, and over 15 years of coaching tech entrepreneurs. He offers individual coaching, group coaching, and professional trainings on how  leaders with ADHD can leverage their ADHD superpowers to decrease the chances of startup and career failures and increase the enterprise value of their companies and income. You can schedule a two hour complimentary coaching session to learn more.

Discover How to Better Manage your ADHD,
Stress, Anxiety, and Imposter Syndrome

Join an ADHD Flow cohort of peers on where you can receive professional coaching and talk safely with fellow ADHDers about your challenges and solutions around ADHD living & working in tech. Our next four month cohort begins on Tuesday, January 31, 2023 at 12pm.

You can benefit from having powerful supportive conversations you probably don’t have now because the people in your life with atypical brains don’t understand life with a neurodivergent brain operating at Lamborghini speeds all day.

Discover how to level up your career or company growth while learning how to better manage your ADHD super powers and weaknesses with us. While many ADHD challenges will never go away, you can minimize the stressful negative impacts and have many more moments of happiness.

“Coaching with Brett Greene has been an important part of my journey towards accepting and managing my ADHD diagnosis. Being a part of a group of other professionals who are also affected by ADHD has been not only cathartic but has also made me more comfortable with sharing my diagnosis and my experiences with others. Brett has done a wonderful job of managing the group, striking the right balance between providing structure and topics to the coaching sessions, while allowing the group to share their experiences and strategies and ultimately dictate the flow of the sessions.”

– Niki Yoshiuchi, Lead MTS, Salesforce

How much do you understand about adults with ADHD?

When most people hear “ADHD” they only think of a hyperactive elementary school boy running around a classroom. They rarely understand that around 25% of working adults live with ‘inattentive ADHD‘ (aka ADD) and struggle in positions in the C- Suite and across departments including engineering, marketing, sales, project management among others.

Many companies fail, and great employees are lost, due to a lack of education and miseducation around ADHD. Most investors, boards, and HR departments don’t understand how ADHD and other neurodiverse disorders affect their portfolio founders, bosses and employees, much less understand how to help them to succeed.

Did you know?

    • ADHD is likely to affect 29% of entrepreneurs.
    • Adults with ADHD are 70% more likely to struggle with emotional dysregulation.
    • Adults w/ ADHD are 300% more likely to be entrepreneurs than the general population.
    • Adults w/ ADHD earn 77% of what a neurotypical person in the same job earns.
    • Research estimates that 3.3 million American adults have ADHD, but 85% of those people are undiagnosed.
    • In their lifetimes, 12.9% of men and 4.9% of women will be diagnosed with ADHD. This does not include adults living with ADHD without seeking out a diagnosis, and each year the percentage of adults being diagnosed is increasing.
    • When left untreated, adults with ADHD lose an average of 22 days of productivity per year (Hilton, et al., 2009).
    • Employees with ADHD are 30% more likely to have chronic employment issues, 60% more likely to be fired from a job, and three times more likely to quit a job impulsively (Barkley, 2008).
    • At least 24% of employees on long-term sick leave due to stress-related illness met the criteria for Attention Deficit Disorder (Brattberg, 2006).
    • Social rejection by peers, minimizing of their ADHD symptoms, name calling, lost promotions, bullying, and job termination are only a few examples revealed in ADDA’s Workplace Committee 2014-2015 survey  “Did You Disclose Your ADHD at Work?”As a result, ADHDers may experience intense stress as they struggle with shame and guilt as well as working much harder to make up for their productivity challenges.
    • ADHD diagnoses among adults are growing four times faster than are ADHD diagnoses among children in the United States

Join us to learn how to develop proven strategic systems to
set yourself up for more success!

The trifecta of coaching, education, and medication all help to upgrade your ADHD race car brain’s bicycle brakes to be motorcycle brakes. This gives you more focus and power around what you say and do along with better ADHD symptom management.

Adding two or three of these elements of support to your life can create necessary systems and strategies to overcome your executive functioning and working memory challenges like anxiety, overwhelm, miscommunication, interrupting, inattentiveness, distractibility, procrastination, imposter syndrome, and weak organization skills.

We’re living in a time of all time high stress, anxiety and depression affecting our personal and professional lives.

While change and uncertainty are challenging for everyone, they can hit those of us managing ADHD and other types of neurodivergence especially hard. We have challenges with short-term memory, struggle with diminished Executive Function, and it’s often more challenging for us to create habits that stick.

Then there are issues with being irritable, defensive, lacking confidence while overproducing, and constantly worrying about rejection and being misunderstood.

As a result, we tend to be incredibly reliant on external support systems and behavioral hacks while losing jobs, having anxiety about how our work product will be criticized, and blaming ourselves unnecessarily for ADHD challenges. 

We typically put everything on to-do lists, whether on sticky notes that pile up and get lost, or in calendar apps. We need to put our medications in a spot we visit every morning, so we remember to take them. And we try to set ourselves up for success by doing certain types of activities at the same time each day. 

Typical organizational and productivity tips and hacks don’t work for those of us with ADHD, but you can learn about neurotypical solutions and benefit from systems created for adults with ADHD.

When ADD/ADHD throws your life up in the air, it can feel like starting from zero every day – leading to anxiety, overwhelm, depression, and Imposter Syndrome in your career.

On the other side of the coin, people with ADHD are often the highest producers in their companies because we are highly passionate about interesting work, our brains are on rocket fuel every day, our risk tolerance and resilience are high, we intuitively see problems first and solve them creatively, we can hyperfocus to deliver amazing results quickly, and we are compassionate. It’s not surprising that the C-Suites of many companies are stacked with people who have ADHD.

You’re not broken, lazy, or wrong in how you do things differently from people with atypical brains. You simply have 20% of typical executive function, low dopamine, low serotonin, and low working memory. In other words, a different (and in some ways better) mental operating system.

Therefore, your neurodivergent brain creates and reacts in ways that are misunderstood multiple times every day while you try to please people you love or work with.

This is because we work in cultures, companies and systems set up by people with atypical brains. Your Lamborghini speed brain is amazing at many tasks that non-ADHD professionals can’t do at all.

You probably suck at organization, planning, report writing, paperwork decisions, and getting motivated to do boring tasks that are too slow or uninteresting for your neurotypical brain. Now you can learn how to use these realities to your advantage.

“Coaching with Brett Greene has helped me think about my neurodiversity as an asset rather than a weakness. I’ve enjoyed being in a group of other professionals with ADHD to learn from other people’s experiences. In our sessions I’ve gotten help for everything from planning to public speaking to career direction. I’ve also developed healthy new daily habits, such as leaving my phone in another room while working for at least a couple hours every day.”

– TH, Amazon

Why you should join us for Group Coaching 

Maybe you’re undiagnosed, but experience ADHD symptoms. While there is no replacement for a professional diagnosis from a licensed expert, if any of this feels familiar, you can take this test to assess whether you might have a neurodiverse brain.

You’re not broken or alone! There are many ways to make the most of your ADHD Superpowers and better manage your ADHD Kryptonite behaviors. How would you like more happiness and less stress?

When you join a group of allies who are also managing ADHD, or establish one-on-one coaching with an ADHD specialist, both solutions can assist you in building better support strategies, systems and communities.

You may never have a better working memory or Executive Function, but you can develop helpful systems that will back you up, reduce your stress, and provide more time to do the stuff you really want to do, and probably have been missing. These are some new habits and more proactive behaviors I’ve helped people create. 

“I didn’t find out that I had ADHD until I was 51. Getting that diagnosis put a lot of things in perspective for me as someone who has been starting SAAS companies for 20 years. There’s a reason why I’m attracted to entrepreneurship. First, it taps into a lot of the things I’m good at around problem solving and getting a healthy dose of new challenges. Second, I probably wasn’t a terrific employee. My undiagnosed ADHD made it hard for me to be good at taking on complex projects, staying organized, and meeting deadlines. Unfortunately, working for myself didn’t make me good at that stuff, it just meant that I couldn’t get fired. Brett has really helped me to level up as an entrepreneur. Together, we’ve been ramping up my executive function skills so that I can delegate better, get big projects done more efficiently, and spend more time leveraging my ADHD superpowers. I’m having more fun than I’ve ever had and becoming the entrepreneur I’ve always wanted to be.”
RG, serial SaaS founder & CRO

Learn About the Benefits of ADD/ADHD Group Coaching 

Each week  you can move your career farther faster while connecting with people who, like you, are trying to navigate the waters of work and personal life, while living with ADHD.

We’re experiencing one of the most stressful times in world history. You are not alone if you are living with extreme levels of anxiety, depression, and overwhelm. Having a community of supportive people facing similar experiences and challenges can be very comforting and liberating! 

In this Coaching Group, we share challenges, lifestyle and productivity hacks, and our experiences in a safe and supportive environment with professional coaching guidance. Together we explore systems and structures to add to your neurodivergent management tool belt. 

You will explore better ways to manage your executive functioning and working memory challenges, often brought on by increased anxiety, overwhelm, miscommunication, interrupting, inattentiveness, multi-tasking demands, distractibility, procrastination, and weak organization skills.

Apply now to build community with a small group of peers living with ADD/ADHD. If you are accepted into the next cohort you’ll:

  • Be understood while building important valuable relationships through weekly sessions
  • Develop systems to  reach your most important professional and personal goals faster
  • Be supported and held accountable (to the degree you choose) by your new friends with ADHD
  • Receive professional ADHD coaching
  • Enjoy confidential sharing, laughing, and learning with folks like you living the ADHD dream every day
  • Discover how to make the most of your ADHD superpowers like hyper focusing, creativity, intuition, and more
  • Learn how to better manage ADHD Kryptonite like anxiety, overwhelm, miscommunication, imposter syndrome, and more
  • Create strategic systems to better manage your Executive Function and working memory issues

In the ADHD Group Coaching Cohort You’ll Receive:

  • Four months of virtual weekly 60 minute coaching sessions
  • Four monthly 60 minute 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Unlimited email coaching support
  • Four months of 24/7 online community support
  • Perpetual access to online community support and resource archives


  • Be a professional in the tech industry (professionals in non-technical roles are welcome) with ADHD (if you believe you have undiagnosed ADHD please apply)
  • Be committed to improving your ADHD challenges
  • Be transparent about your relationship with ADHD and how it affects your professional & personal lives
  • Be committed to creating support strategies and systems to better manage and leverage your ADHD

You can schedule a two hour complimentary coaching session now to learn more or



Brett Greene

Brett Greene is a transformational executive coach & community builder who helps tech leaders and professionals with ADHD to live their most fiercely powerful lives. Brett has ADHD, holds an MA in Counseling Psychology and has coached, mentored and advised hundreds of leaders. Some of his clients’ companies were acquired after being coached by Brett, including a Fortune 50 acquisition. He is the Founder/CEO of the New Tech Northwest community of 60,000+ technologists where his members and clients include startups to Fortune 10 companies. He is a life long meditator who has produced hundreds of event experiences, worked with multi-platinum bands, been a professional DJ, been a Top 35 Social Media Power Influencer in Forbes, and spoken at the White House. His greatest passion is helping people with ADHD to powerfully live their most fulfilled lives.