ADHDisrupt Virtual Conference

May 24, 2024 8:00 am PDT
Disrupting the way the world looks at and supports neurodivergent to thrive!

About This Event

Sterile offices  🫣

Distracting spaces ❌

Meetings run without clear agendas or structures ⚠️

Insistence on sitting still otherwise you’re “not professional” 😑

A lean towards neutral colors 🛑

Cringing yet?

Us too…

Neurodivergent folks are often put in boxes that don’t work. But its time to support neurodivergent individuals to thrive in a world not built for them, yet proven to be a playground for their success with proper education!

If you or someone you know has ADHD (or think you might) this gamified conference on May 24th is for you.

This is NOT your typical pitch-fest to get you into another product or service. Grow Disrupt has been rewriting how events are built for neurodivergent audiences. This one, was built around helping individuals with ADHD thrive in a world that is not built for them, delivered in a platform that is ridiculously fun and gamified (Woo! No Zoom webinars!).


Part 1

  • Intentional Space Design & ADHD – Stephanie Scheller
  • Creating Your DopaMenu – Kristina Proctor
  • Communicating Better With ADHD – Brett Greene
  • Getting Past Executive Dysfunction – Danielle Ralston


Part 2

  • Finding The Right Difficult – Dr. Hallowell
  • Implementation Workshop – Tressa Bundren
  • Flexible Structures for ADHD Success – Skye Waterson
  • Implementation Games – Brett Greene
  • A Letter To Your Future Self – Stephanie Scheller


Stephanie Scheller – Intentional Space Design & ADHD Peak Performance

Three time best-selling author, acclaimed keynote speaker, and the brains behind the internationally acclaimed events for ADHD entrepreneurs produced by Grow Disrupt.

Stephanie’s events have gotten raves such as “Better than Tony Robbins” and “It’s like being at the academy awards.’

Her secret to making such an impact? Neuroscience based event design and space curation! At ADHDisrupt, she’ll break down some of the ways your surroundings are impacting your ability to peak perform, and what to do about it!

Brett Greene – Communicating Better with ADHD

Award-winning founder of the New Tech Northwest community of 60,000+ technologists and the Atomic ADHD online community, Brett is an executive coach who has ADHD, a master’s degree in counseling psychology, and almost 20 years of experience coaching hundreds of professionals with ADHD, start-up teams, and enterprise leaders to create fulfilling, high-impact lives, companies, exits and careers. He has been featured on NBC, CBNC, ABC, GeekWire, Seattle Times, and spoken at the White House.

In Brett’s workshop, you will discover tools and knowledge to communicate better as someone with ADHD, reduce frustration and arguments, and help others better communicate with you at work and home.

Dr. Ned Hallowell – Finding the Right Kind of Difficult

One of the leading world authorities on ADHD, Dr. Ned Hallowell has been one of the pioneers restructuring the societal stories we are told about ADHD. He is a board-certified child and adult psychiatrist and his videos online have garnered hundreds of thousands of views. He is a New York Times best-selling author and has been featured on 20/20, 60 Minutes, Oprah, PBS, CNN, The Today Show, Good Morning America, The New York Times, USA Today, Newsweek, Time Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe and many more.

In this keynote, Dr. Hallowell will break down using behavior assessments to discover the work, activity, or creative outlet best suited to your individual strengths so your ADHD can be your superpower!

Kristina Proctor – How to Create Your DopaMenu

A dynamic force in the corporate world and a brilliant ADHD management specialist, Kristina Proctor’s journey to self management in order to thrive in a world that is designed for different minds (corporate) has been instrumental in her work empowering ADHD adults to not just cope, but thrive. Her highly accessible approach to breaking down the Why behind her own ADHD has helped her go viral on TikTok multiple times and garner an active and engaged following in the ADHD community.

In this high-energy workshop, Kristina will break down how dopamine is impacting your brain, and how to build a menu of options to collaborate with yourself better, remove extraneous decision-making, and set yourself up for success in any task!

Danielle Ralston – Getting Past Executive Dysfunction

Working with 1500+ ADHD, ASD and Divergent brains from 10-70 over the past twenty-five years has certainly given Danielle the room to call herself an ADHD expert. The ADHD-CCSP title doesn’t hurt! She began her study of the science of the ADHD brain originally to ensure it could not run her life, but she has continued to study the landscape as our understanding evolves to ensure she can support those who count on her.

In this workshop, Danielle breaks down exactly what is Executive Dysfunction as well as practical strategies to overcome it, and how to set up accountability and support to ensure you can stick with what you learn!

Tressa Yonekawa Bundren – Mindfulness For ADHD Success

An award-winning global keynote speaker, culture consultant, leadership coach and guide for sparking creativity, authentic belonging, and improving relationships, Tressa is a powerhouse. With university degrees in the neuroscience of cognition and more than two decades working with c-suite execs across the globe, Tressa is an internationally recognized leader in building self-awareness for success!

Tressa is joining ADHDisrupt to bring those same self-awareness tools used by top execs to help our guests integrate and implement what they have learned – and she’ll make it more than memorable within the first three minutes!

Skye Waterson – Flexible Structures for ADHD Success

The mastermind behind Unconventional Organisation, an international ADHD support service, Skye was not diagnosed with ADHD until she was an adult. The late diagnoses meant that Skye learned how to thrive in truly unconventional ways, even under the extraordinary stress of a doctoral candidacy. She’s studied a wide range of topics, from Psychology, to Sociology, to Public Health, and now guides Unconventional Organisation’s team of professionals to help others like themselves.

In this keynote-workshop fusion, Skye unveils the art of creating structures and habits that synergize with ADHD, making routines not just effective but engaging for individuals navigating the challenges of ADHD, and she’ll bring the research to back her strategies!

Produced By

Grow Disrupt in partnership with New Tech Northwest & ADHD Oasis