New Tech PLUS Luminary Member Information

Thank you for becoming a New Tech PLUS Luminary Member! Note that you are one of our founding members which means your experience will evolve and continue to improve as we roll out New Tech experiences for you. Thank you for your understanding as we build this community together. 🙂

With your New Tech PLUS Luminary Membership you will:

  • Connect with the New Tech PLUS community Slack channel  for 24/7 engagement
  • Enjoy 110+ exclusive virtual events per year including:
    • Weekly Humanity in Tech virtual networking community conversations
    • Weekly virtual Lunchtime Laughter
    • Engaging virtual events, interviews and AMAs with thought leaders on topics you choose
    • Future online New Tech PLUS events your community requests
  • Receive a code for free registration to all public New Tech Northwest virtual events and workshops
  • Receive a code for four free tickets each month to all New Tech Northwest in person events and workshop
  • Have the opportunity to be a New Tech Northwest Ambassador.
  • Have your name listed as a New Tech PLUS Luminary on the New Tech Northwest website with a link to your LinkedIn profile, and on slides at New Tech Northwest in person events
  • Enjoy your private New Tech PLUS Luminary Slack channel to make new professional friends with other New Tech PLUS Luminaries
  • Help New Tech develop the access and resources that you and your business need most by becoming a key “insider” as a New Tech Luminary. Whether you want business mentorship, legal, financial or human resources advice, or gaining access to talent, executive training or making connections with investors – we are building the powerful online resource that you seek. Join other Luminaries to create the online community you expect

Join and explore the Slack workspace at You can join with this invitation link. If the link is expired please email for assistance.

  1. Let your fellow New Techies know you’ve joined by sharing a short introduction of yourself (interests, fun facts, what we can assist you with) on the #introduction channel,
  2. Share something that’s interested you lately (an article, question, new learning) or a topic you’d like us to create a virtual event around on the #community-main-channel.
  3. Click on the private #luminarymembers channel in Slack after you receive your invitation. This is where you will find your monthly codes for your free registration to all public New Tech Northwest virtual events and workshops and four free tickets each month to all New Tech Northwest in person events and workshops.

What you can expect

Every Monday you’ll receive an email listing invitations to all of the New Tech PLUS  virtual events happening the next few weeks. There are weekly Humanity in Tech community connections, weekly Lunchtime Laughter and exclusive online events you can participate in. Event information will also be listed in the New Tech PLUS Slack channel for you.

Please reach out to at any time to share your feedback, suggest virtual event or workshop topics, or ask for assistance. You can also DM Brett Greene or Kemi Adeyemi via Slack. We’re so happy you joined the New Tech Plus community & conversation!

Social Media Sharing Request

We greatly appreciate you joining the New Tech PLUS virtual community. In case your friends may also enjoy being in our community, please share 3 minutes of your time to help us get the word out by sharing an invite to your social media platforms or shoot a text or email to a friend you’d like to have in your New Tech PLUS community. 

You can copy/paste the below invitations or write a post about why you joined: 

Twitter and/or Instagram

Feeling isolated? I just joined @newtechnw ‘s New Tech PLUS virtual community. If you’re into #tech, #community, #pnw, connecting with the Pacific Northwest tech community, or want to learn more check out New Tech PLUS.

Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Email

Feeling isolated? I just joined @newtechnw ‘s New Tech PLUS virtual community to connect with more techies online. It’s also a great to have support and share with an interesting community while being mostly isolated at home.

If you’d like to check it out there’s a curated and engaging Slack channel, virtual networking events on Zoom with thought leaders on topics you choose, AMA’s, virtual peer networking lunches, and weekly virtual community conversations on topics you care about to connect, learn, share resources, and build friendships. 

New Tech Northwest has an engaged community of 53,000+ techies who share a passion for innovation, fun, and relationships that matter. To learn more click here

Thank you again for joining New Tech PLUS! We look forward to connecting with you on your New Tech PLUS Slack channel soon. 🙂