10 Fun Ways to Build Strong Teams in the Pacific NW

We all know that for most businesses, good teamwork leads to more profit and a happier work environment. If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box idea for a team-building event, here are 10 you might consider:

Solve a puzzle. Take your team to one of America’s original escape rooms in Capitol Hill or Belltown to “Escape the Midnight Carnival” or “Escape the Lost Temple.” It’s a one-hour activity that is suitable for all ages, involves problem solving and deductive reasoning…and it’s fun!

Crew a boat. A team that crews together works better together. The Seattle Sailing Club offers team-building exercises that take advantage of our beautiful waterfront location. Nothing like a little heave-ho to get the team rolling.

Make a difference. There are literally hundreds of opportunities to volunteer as a team at a local nonprofit. Just one is with FareStart, an organization with restaurants, cafes and catering programs that provide meals to social services, shelters and schools in the Seattle area.

Break stuff. If tensions are high in the office, try smashing stuff as a group. Rage Industry can organize an event that lets your team break bottles, printers, computers, desks – you get the picture. And there’s no cleanup.

Swing a club. Mini-golf is fun for most people. It’s age- and gender-neutral, and there’s a nice course in Tukwila at the Family Fun Center. Create teams prior to the event and let the smack talk begin.

Catch a murderer. It’s an epic event combining a scavenger hunt with a murder mystery. Pike Place Market will never be the same…and neither will your team.

Cook together. Win their hearts and minds through their stomachs. Eat Seattle offers several cooking classes that are also team-building events.

Collect cans. Divide into teams, make it a competition, collect food and then come together to deliver the goods/volunteer at the Pike Market Food Bank.

Play the Go Game. Use gamification to offer a classic Seattle experience through the Go Game, which melds technology with exploration and creativity. Perfect for tech geeks and nerds!

Hire an expert. If you need a customized program, there are numerous team-building event planners in town. Just one is Geoteaming, which we like because it combines technological advances (such as GPS and digital cameras) with fun activities.

There are probably dozens of other off-the-grid ideas for creative team-building adventures. What are your favorites?


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