Enabling IT to Support Remote Work and Work from Home

Enterprises across industries and many public-sector organizations have had to quickly adopt new Work From Home (WFH) policies or expand existing ones on a broad scale to support stay-at-home orders and social-distancing mandates. Some organizations have done very well with

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Being Practical with Dr. Bob Danielle

This weeks post comes from our friend at the University of Phoenix, Dr. Bob Danielle.   Blinded by your own light?  Will confirmation bias impact your talent recruitment and hiring practices post COVID-19? Confirmation bias is an individual’s tendency to

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Top Ten Interview Tips (Part Two)

Continuing on our theme of last week, here are the final five of ten tips to help you with your next job interview: 6. Practice positive body language and eye contact. This can be intimidating, but we can’t stress this

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Women in Tech

This article is being republished with permission from TrustRadius. The original article can be found here. At the beginning of March this year, TrustRadius published our second annual Women in Tech Report in celebration of International Women’s Day. The report addresses critical

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