Happy Holidays & Thanks for Being a New Techie :)

Thank you for another fantastic year in a crazy-fast and ever-changing Seattle tech community. It seems like our city and community shift almost every 2 months.

This means there are even more silos than ever and even more need to spend time with quality people supporting each other on our tech careers and tech company journeys.

As New Tech has grown to almost 50,000 members (we’ll be there in Q1 of 2020) with lots of new friends moving into town, what has gotten deeper is our commitment to connect. Our Puget Sound area is on fire with new jobs, companies, and connections.

The hundreds of you who come out to New Tech events every month don’t always realize the magic you create. At a time when most of us are stressed, overwhelmed, distracted, and living under non-stop existential national political turmoil, you make time to get off your devices for a couple of hours a month with your techie neighbors to celebrate the amazing innovation being created in our backyard .

When you choose New Tech you choose community. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making that choice month after month. As we continue being leaders in AI, IoT, VR/AR/XR, spacetech, healthtech, cloud computing and so many other great fields, what matters is that we enjoy the ride together.

Have a wonderful holiday season with your family, unplug, relax, exhale, reflect, and get ready to share an amazing 2020 together. …and Happy Birthday to our co-founder Red!

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