New Tech Flashback August 3rd, 2021

We’re taking a trip down memory lane, as we kickstart a new Spotlight Series: the New Tech Flashback! We asked every company who has ever presented at a New Tech Seattle since 2013 to share the lessons they’ve learned since they first presented with our community. Be sure to check out the New Tech Flashback below with BeAPI Framework and see the progress they have made since they first presented in 2016. Have a company that you think has cool New Tech and would like to be featured? Let us know.

New Tech Flashback

When this company first started, they were called BoomstickAPI. Since then, they have changed their name to BeAPI Framework, and now offer a whole series of tools on their Github page. It has become one of the most popular open source frameworks for API’s and is mainly used by large-to-enterprise businesses like Netflix, Boeing, and Amazon for its ease of use and scalability.


1. What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned since you first presented at NTNW?

Developers have become lazier than the end user; They don’t want to learn how to build api’s, secure them or even learn how they work. They just want to build frontend and have everything else done for them. So I have simplified and learned to automate nearly all aspects of API’s… including allowing API’s to call other API’s.

2. Did the pandemic cause your company to change/pivot your business model or strategy?

Not really but I am in the middle of a long overdue rewrite to improve speed even more.

3. What is the most innovative way your tech solves the problems of your customers?

Automation and simplifying code. I greatly reduce the amount of code the developer has to write, automating tests, webhooks, batching, security and authorization and more so the developer merely has to write simplified business logic.

4. What is something interesting and unexpected that people would be surprised to learn about your company?

Most modern enterprises base their api’s on my work; just spoke with Dell last week and they are moving their api’s to a platform that more properly represents my abstractions and api pattern rewrite.


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Owen Rubel

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