Top 10 Gift Ideas for Your Geeky Mom on Mother’s Day

il_570xN.764232037_dfm6Geeky moms are a lot of fun. We know some geeky moms who dig into research to help with a science paper, are first in line for a new video game release, put together IKEA furniture without instructions, and come home with new electronic gadgets that simplify life and solve everyday problems.

Our hats come off this Mothers’ Day (May 8th)  to all of the geeky moms out there who get giddy over new technology. We gathered up some interesting new tech gadgets and unique geekware to help you find the perfect gift for your geeky momma, wife, sister or friend (hint: this stuff works for birthdays too).

Some items are still in beta or are featured on crowd-funded sites, like Kickstarter. Others are available for order. Mostly, this list is to have some fun with and generate ideas for you.* If all else fails, we hear some moms still like getting flowers.

  1. Hover Camera Drone –  Selfie-sticks are so 2015. With this drone-camera your mom can take selfies, family photos, scare the cat and freak out houseguests with a flying camera. Even Alfred Hitchcock couldn’t have thought this one up. Helmets advised.
  2. Knocki – Mom will be able to make any surface in her house a smart remote. She’ll turn on smart lights, her coffee maker, find her phone, set alarms and much more by tapping on a table, a wall, a cabinet or that antique dresser she uses as a desk for her Mac. What’s more, you can really mess with your mom by turning off her lights, coffee maker and tv when she’s not looking!
  3. Clairy – Those plants Mom loves so much can live in pots that detoxify the air in her house. Crazy, right? It also tests her room air quality, temperature and humidity …and sends updates to her phone. Here’s to Momma’s health along with a beautiful plant-filled home.
  4. Furbo – What could be better for a dog-loving mom than being able to see her dog(s) in real time on her phone, get bark alerts and give out treats while she’s at work or away from home? Buy this for Mom and you’ll also support an indiegogo campaign for the Seattle company creating the world’s first treat-tossing dog camera. Double bonus.
  5. Death Star Fire Pit – Any mom who loves Star Wars will hug you until you can’t breathe if you gift her with a replica Death Star fire pit for Mother’s Day. Either that, or your dad will get it as a “re-gift” on Father’s Day.
  6. Melomind – Give Mom the gift of relaxation. She’ll love the world’s first EEG headset that trains your brain to cope with stress. She will be able to drown the rest of the family out for hours.
  7. Lifepack – If Mom works from home, or anywhere away from the office, she can take that lifestyle up a notch. More than a backpack, the Lifepack is a solar-powered, water-resistant backpack with a USB charger, Bluetooth speakers, drop-resistant storage, hidden pockets and an integrated lock/bottle opener. Perfect for the mom on the go!
  8. Noria – Get Mom ready for another record setting Seattle summer of heat. Give her an elegant looking, compact and easy to set up window air conditioner that she can control with her phone. It’s the gift that keeps on giving …at least until October.
  9. Coffee Maker – Choose from the Top 10 thermal carafe coffee makers to make sure every morning starts our right for your mom. If she loves coffee, you can’t go wrong with any of these coffee makers.
  10. Mercedes-Benz Arrow460-Granturismo – What has twin Yanmar diesel engines with 480 horsepower each, bringing the cruising speed up to 30 knots and the top speed to 40+ knots with a light load, nubuck leather and eucalyptus wood paneling, air conditioning (not Noria though) and a wine cellar? It’s the new James Bond looking Mercedes-Benz yacht that Mom will love! Starting at a base price of only $1.7 million, it’s a steal to show Mom how much you love her, and give her a nice new toy to enjoy on Elliott Bay. Besides, it seats 10, so she can take you and the rest of the family out for a cruise to celebrate with her!
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