The New Tech Northwest Experience for Sponsors Recruiting, Promoting Products or Events, and Building Brand Awareness

Microsoft-Redesigns-Its-Logo-for-the-First-Time-in-25-Years-Here-It-Is-3Sponsoring New Tech Seattle was great for Microsoft to get user feedback on multiple products including OneDrive, Outlook.com, Bing, and IE, plus to raise awareness for MSFT Ventures.

Through a multi-month agreement, we were able to generate ongoing excitement around new releases and be personally active in the Seattle tech community.

Out of the 25+ global tech meet-up series’ we sponsored on behalf of Microsoft, Brett & Red’s New Tech Seattle consistently saw the highest number of monthly attendees – drawing an average 250 people/event, more than double of most other tech meet-ups.

Brett & Red’s creative ideas, entertaining events, and business savviness made sponsoring their meet-up series not only enjoyable but also impactful for our quantified marketing goals.

NTS also gave us access to a new email marketing channel through their mailing list of 51,000+ (which grows by 500 new members each month and is 4x the average meet-up series’ list’s size).

With New Tech Seattle’s help, we shaped an experiential meet-up sponsorship strategy that lifted these tech enthusiasts’ brand perception of our products by 300-600%. I would gladly sponsor them again.”

Lisa Abdilova,Product Marketing Manager, Consumer Apps & Services, Microsoft

“Even before Nintendo became a sponsor, I was active at New Tech events for the networking opportunities and learning about local startups. Now, I get to represent Nintendo as we search for diverse talent to help make the products of the future. It’s a great feeling to further Nintendo’s mission of “putting smiles on faces” while meeting amazing people at New Tech!”

Dylan Rhodes, Product & Communications Manger, Nintendo Technology Development

“The atmosphere at the Paul G. Allen Center was inspiring, infectious and was constantly abuzz with intriguing conversation at the annual New Tech Seattle UW event. Not only was it a great environment to meet new candidates, it was also an opportunity discover companies doing amazing things in the realm of ML and NLP, as well as meet other movers and shakers in the industry.”

Shana Shayegan, Technical Recruiter, Amazon Alexa

VZ_logo_850x640-e1449250815116“Our New Tech Northwest sponsorship has been incredibly valuable because of the engagement level of the community and array of opportunities. New Tech creates an opportunity to network for business development, talent recruiting and sharing your brand’s story in ways that traditional advertising cannot provide. Brett’s focus on community first ensures that sponsors and presenters are there to deliver valuable insight and share great ideas, as opposed to just advertising. This gives sponsors the ability to be good stewards of the startup community and reach more than 45,000 unique community members through a single sponsorship. If your company’s goal is to plug into one of the largest, highest energy and most engaged startup communities in the nation, then New Tech Northwest should be at the top of your list.”

Terry Dell, Innovation Specialist, Verizon

“When we decided to bring the CascadiaJS conference back to Seattle for the first time since 2012, we wanted to make sure everyone in the Seattle tech community knew. Working with Brett and company was awesome, they were super clear with what they needed from us, and  we ended up reaching a much broader audience and hitting an all-time high for attendance. “

Carter Rabasa, Founder, Cascadia JS Conference

Atlas_Logo_Blue-e1452309594397“New Tech has been a great event for us to sign-up people for the Atlas.co beta. At last month’s event, we signed up more than 30 people in one minute! “

Travis Murdock, Vice President Marketing, Atlas Informatics

“I’m excited to bring Stack Overflow in as a sponsor of New Tech Northwest! It’s a great way for us to connect with recent bootcamp grads, people who have been coding for eons, and everyone in between. We spend the event having genuine conversations; talking with people who are truly interested in what we do and how we do it.”

Joy Liuzzo, Director of Product Marketing, Stack Overflow

New Tech Northwest is delivering! The sense of community is obvious. I LOVED the high-five introductions. Throughout the event we had a ton of people come by to talk to us resulting in solid leads and meeting some awesome people. Our job fair participation resulted in multiple hires for positions we were having trouble filling. Can’t wait for next month.
Janice Lichtenwaldt, Enterprise IT @ T-Mobile

“Our advertising campaign with New Tech Northwest was definitely a success! Almost a third of the attendees at our Seattle seminar came from your efforts two years in a row. We really appreciate all of the help!”

Tyler Bussani, Field Marketing Associate, Zoho

“It was one of those ‘kismet’ things. I was mingling throughout the crowd at a New Tech meetup a couple of months back.  I noticed a guy staring at me.  I hadn’t said anything about what I was looking for but this guy kept eye-balling me.  He finally cornered me and I said “So what do you do?”  When he said iOS AND Android Developer, I nearly fell off my shoes because I was looking for precisely that match of skills which are difficult to find in one person.  Total win for New Tech to attract young developers with the latest and greatest skills.”

Veronica Davis, Director of Digital, eXcell

“Partnering with NewTech Northwest over the past couple years has been great at keeping us up to date about what’s going on in the local tech community, and helping us reach audiences for our Align in Computer Science and technology programs. The energy from the NewTech Northwest crowd is what keeps us engaged. We love meeting people from all corners of tech at their events.”

Caroline Li, Marketing Manager – Seattle, Northeastern University,  Seattle

“We’ve attended the New Tech Northwest Career Fairs multiple times and have had success finding students, and also helping employers tap into a growing pool of Master’s students from UW Tacoma’s School of Engineering & Technology.” 

Curtis Black, Graduate Program Advisor, University of Washington at Tacoma

“I attended the New Tech Northwest job fair as a recruiter for the first time and met over a dozen quality candidates for a software development position. Two days later, one of the people I met joined our team and has radically expedited our software deployment for our upcoming relaunch. Thank you tremendously!!”

Melissa Strawn, CEO & Founder, MyPeopleNow

“Sponsoring New Tech Seattle and Eastside was definitely useful. As a BPO Call Center that primarily works with technology firms, we viewed the sponsorship strictly as a networking opportunity.  Surprisingly, we had unexpected inquiries through our website, in addition to responses from the New Tech Northwest newsletter, within days of our first event. Within two weeks, we’ve already set up two meetings with prospective clients.”

Matt Narciso, Executive, SuperStaff

Love. Learn. Laugh!

If you don’t love what you do, you need to come here!

If want to learn something new, you need to come here!

If you want to have a good time and laugh amongst smart, talented, creative folks, you need to come here!

These are things you will find when attending a New Tech NW event!

At UPS, we realize that we need to create a “mindshift” within the community.

We needed to ensure that the business and community realized that UPS is here with them, working alongside them, building a better tomorrow with those that driven to create and make an impact, not only for the present, but the future!

Entrepreneurs, startups, passionate leaders and individuals who want to make a difference come here to Listen, Learn and Laugh!

We want to thank Brett and his team for creating, with open arms, a platform for UPS to come back home and deliver a message about changing the “mindshiftt”!

Looking forward to long partnership with New Tech and the community at large!

Willy Khampradith, Regional Head of Startup Strategy UPS 

url“As General Assembly and New Tech Seattle both share Community as a core value, our collaboration has been a natural fit, and we’re excited to continue our supporting the local tech community. Our favorite part of sponsoring the events is having the opportunity to meet and speak one-on-one with attendees, friends, and new partners. It’s been exciting for us to reach new segments of the tech space to build interest in our classes and events as well as create hiring opportunities for our graduates.”

Ed Farraye, Local Marketing Producer, General Assembly

“The New Tech Job Fair was very beneficial to Robert Half. We loved the effective layout and easy setup. The attendance was amazing (as ever) and our recruiter met someone that she was able to immediately submit for an open role!

Peri Roberts, Creative Recruiter, Robert Half


“Rightside has enjoyed a great and fulfilling partnership with New Tech Seattle and Eastside as an annual Terabyte Sponsor. We’ve extended awareness of our brand, connected to hundreds of techies, and loved being an active part of the community.

Despite the fact that the Seattle area is growing in prominence as a tech hub, it’s easy for those of us on the eastside to feel a little cut off from the rest of the local tech community, which can pose a significant disadvantage, particularly for a company that’s currently so focused on raising awareness of new domain names. We’ve been a part of Eastside Tech for a year and a half and that partnership has helped us scout potential new hires, fulfill our goal of raising awareness of our product, and, just as importantly, get some face time with other locals trying to drive the industry forward. And, it’s in our backyard!”

Kimberly Koskenmaki, Director of Marketing, Rightside

We found two of our most qualified recent hires at New Tech Job Fair‘s.  As a company dedicated to diversity and inclusion, we’re thrilled to have them as part of the CityBldr family, and ever grateful to New Tech Northwest for their efforts in creating an equitable hiring atmosphere through their multitude of events. Hats off to New Tech for connecting the local startup community with jobs and employees of our future.”
Nadine Nagamatsu, CityBldr‘s Office of the Executive

“The New Tech Northwest community has such a positive, can-do energy that stands out amid the sea of tech events in the world. As the former VP of Communications for a global startup accelerator who now runs an indie PR firm for startups, I rely on meeting up-and-coming startups and entrepreneurs. New Tech Northwest facilitates that friendly “backyard barbecue” vibe where neighbors have real conversations that move great ideas forward. Being part of that conversation has helped me network as a transplant to the PNW.
I help new startups get the PR they need to move forward and sponsoring New Tech Northwest gives me the visibility and edge I need as a one-woman-show, to stand out amid the sea of flashy, more expensive, global PR firms. I got one of my best clients after they saw me introduce myself via livestream at New Tech Seattle. They messaged me and we started working together. That’s the kind of exposure to this exact market makes a huge difference to my business.”

Jennifer Jacobson, Founder, Jacobson Communication

IBM LogoIf you’re interested in startups, technology and want to connect with a diverse group of professionals, New Tech Northwest is a great platform.  The entire community subscribes to a ‘give first’ philosophy, which is what initially attracted me to New Tech Northwest; we sponsor and attend because the conversations are authentic and the relationships are real.  I’ve created many fruitful business relationships with people I’ve met at New Tech Northwest and look forward to sponsoring future events!”

Lee Reeves, Community Manager, IBM Global Entrepreneur Program


“Sponsoring New Tech is a fun and effective way to engage with the Seattle tech start-up community. Being a part of this meetup every month allows us to support this vibrant scene. The good times shared by all facilitates building lasting, meaningful relationships that lead to new customers and friends.”

Chris Hildebrand, Sales Director / Specializing in Cloud & Hosting Solutions, Internap

Unlike typical events that we sponsor, at New Tech fewer people were already BECU members and more of them knew very little about BECU. Our focus was to bring awareness to our Business Services and we felt like New Tech had several startup companies that attended their events, and several people wanting to start up their own business. Our business accounts are a great fit for that demographic. 


We also wanted to get in front of the Tech crowd. Getting into Microsoft and Amazon is extremely hard, especially when they have their own credit union but New Tech gave us an opportunity to get in front of some of those people which was very valuable for us. 

I love the feel and vibe of the community New Tech has created; when we did run into current members they were very happy to see us and several made comments about how they appreciated that we sponsored this event.”

Kristin Llewelyn, Community Sales Lead – Central District, BECU

experis_stackd_4c“Sponsoring New Tech was very valuable for us. We met so many people because of sponsoring, whether it was someone looking for a great job or companies looking to hire great technical resources. The ability to be introduced to the whole group at once was instant branding for Experis. Now everyone knows who we are and what we do and we can’t wait to do it again. The New Tech community is very welcoming and people were interested to meet us and engage with us.”

Debbie Rutherford and Carissa Garnant, Senior IT & Engineering Resources Managers, Experis


“We attended the New Tech Northwest Job Fair in June 2018 and met so many great candidates! The event had a great vibe with candidates easily able to flow between booths and plenty of room for the employers to set up. We ultimately hired two candidates from the event, a Designer and a Help Desk Technician, who are still with us over a year later. We attended the event again in June 2019 and have already interviewed 6 candidates for Engineering roles. Thank you to the New Tech Northwest team for great events and helping candidates and companies come together!”

Julia Sargeant, HR Manager, TableSafe

9Mile_LABS-New-logo“Brett Greene and New Tech Seattle/Eastside have created an incredible forum for the startup community to gather, interact, share and build relationships. CEOs of our companies have presented at New Tech to launch their products and reach potential new employees and partners. This is one of the best regularly scheduled entrepreneur events in the Pacific Northwest and are proud to be a sponsor and participant.”

Sanjay Puri and Kevin Croy, Co-Founders, 9Mile Labs

The New Tech Experience for Presenters and Attendees

“Great communities are built on a foundation of great connection points. The work that Brett, Kemi, and the crew at NTNW do every month is a great example of the magic that makes the Seattle startup community so powerful.”

Jacob Colker, Managing Director, Startup Incubator, Allen Institute for AI (AI2)

“I had a wonderful experience at New Tech Northwest as a speaker on their VR/AR series. I highly recommend anyone wishing to learn more about the northwest tech community to attend every New Tech Northwest event that you can. They are by far the best networking events you can attend. In fact, I have not only made wonderful connections, I’ve found two exceptionally talented new hires for my own company as well as strategic partners and even investors. But, the best part of these events are the new friends you will make. This is a wonderful addition to our community!”

Mat Chacon, CEO, Doghead Simulations

“As a struggling startup (AppSheet), we really benefited from the community that New Tech Northwest has created here in the greater Seattle area. It gave us an opportunity to meet other people in the startup ecosystem, exchange ideas, and talk about our work together.” 

Praveen Seshadri, CEO / C0-Founder, AppSheet (acquired by Google)


“I had a great time presenting at New Tech Seattle last Thursday! Thank you very much for supporting me and giving me that opportunity!  An investor, a UX designer, an HR expert all approached me afterwards :). I feel very charged by the enthusiastic feedback from our community! Thank you for bringing all of us together!”

Helen Wang, CEO and Founder, 6Crickets


“It is a tough to find developer talent in a hot tech market like Seattle, but we had great success at NTS on a couple of occasions. One in particular, we hired a developer within a week that lived within walking distance of our office!”

On helping my business: “At NTS we, Tango Card, successfully found customers for our Gift Card API and found services that we use consistently. Plus, good beer is good for anything, business included.”

Scotty Greenburg, Marketing Manager, TangoCard

1507027_720121754679512_1412321861_n“On the Eastside there is a big need for a major event like New Tech Eastside. It seems like all of the best tech and entrepreneur events are in Seattle. Every day I speak with entrepreneurs who are just starting up, relocating from another state, or looking to find developers for their startup and one thing I always mention are great events like New Tech Seattle. It’s a must attend event for people that want to connect with other people in the tech industry.”

Peter Chee, Founder & CEO, ThinkSpace

wavebroadband“Wow, what can I say about Red and Brett and New Tech Seattle?! NTS has proven to be a great resource for me professionally and personally. Not only have I found great business contacts at these events, but I’ve made some amazing friends! I work for WAVE Broadband, a Gigabit Fiber company based in the Seattle area, and through NTS I’ve gotten dozens of leads and won several new Enterprise Accounts. My Small Business Services and Residential Services teams have also won many new customers from the contacts they’ve made at NTS events. Not only this, but I’ve also hired a Commercial Account Executive that I met there :). The presentations I’ve seen are all top notch, and every month Brett and Red bring their A-game and tons of intensity to the stage. The Eastside needs an event like this to foster the Tech entrepreneur community and to bring attention to all the great things that are going on in the area. Since my headquarters office is in Kirkland, I know that I’ll be in attendance to an NTE event each month!”

Dan Savage, Enterprise Account Executive, Wave Broadband

bruxton-logo“Thank you very much for how you handled the visiting Chinese group from Wuxi. They were very happy that they were able to talk to so many people. They were also impressed at the amount of energy shown and the diversity of people and interests.”

“You may remember that Robert Mao mentioned he went to high school in Wuxi. The young woman in the Wuxi delegation went to the same high school. This was an astonishing coincidence, there must be 20,000 high schools in China. She talked to Robert afterwards, and was excited to find that someone from her high school made it to Seattle and started a company.”

Dan Brown, CEO, Bruxton Corporation


“I wanted to take a moment to encourage you all in the tech community to explore the New Tech events. I’ve known Brett and Kat for many years, even before New Tech, and the substance of what Brett, Kat and the rest of the New Tech team bring, comes from a place of being genuine and real. You can see that at each event. I was at a recent event that was lightly attended and Brett felt the vibe was lower than normal. I let him know that I still made two extremely good business connections and for me, that’s what it’s really about. If you are a frequent attendee, I’m sure you’ll agree with me, if you’re new to this community, trust me, it’s worth your time.”

Duane Mack, Vice President of Sales – US Operations, Turnotech

static1.squarespace“Thank you for your awesome enthusiasm for us last night. There is not an ounce of BS when I say that we couldn’t be here without your support, generosity and advocacy, and the people at New Tech are so welcoming. I always get terribly nervous right before speaking, but feel like I’m talking to family and friends at the end. You’re making community energy happening, and SO doing it right.”

You’re the best!!

Susie Lee, Founder, Siren

ImageGen“Brett’s ability to build community and motivate that community for a common purpose is second to none. Through his successful efforts to build New Tech Seattle, he’s grown the organization 4x over the years to now include a local chapter on the Eastside that in it’s debut drew several hundred professionals from local technology companies and venture capital firms. Despite the meet ups’ rapid growth and success, it continues to feel almost like an extended family, a close knit community which is a credit to Brett’s leadership and personal touch.”

Jim Bak, Director & Analyst, INRIX

micro_magicflix_2014“New Tech Seattle gave us our very first opportunity to talk about Magicflix – our concept, product, vision and company to the local Seattle audience. It also helped us get noticed by TechStars and we made several new connections.”

Mamtha Banerjee, Founder, Magicflix

imgres“New Tech Seattle was the perfect venue for us to get our name out in the Tech community. By simply presenting for 5 minutes, we were introduced to one of our best target customer leads. The community and vendors that participate are truly part of the Seattle tech fabric, and bring together great people to network and showcase the best of the New Tech Seattle community.”

Anna Steffeny, Founder, LeaveLogic

“Thanks Brett for having Swurveys present at New Tech Northwest. One of the participants was the Special Event Planner for Washington State Opportunity Scholarship. She saw in real time how our tool can be used to create more engaging events. Presenting at New Tech NW opened up a door for Swurveys to be a part of the WSOS Opportunity Talks event, where our product was used with an audience of 900+.”

Zachary Rozga, Co-Founder, Swurveys

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 12.11.31 PM“Thanks for all your help to make my presentation a success. I was glad to share and advance the New Tech Tacoma ecosystem. And I was glad that the audience was stimulated by my presentation. The most notable of these was Mr. Noguera of the City of Tacoma’s Community & Economic Development Department. After hearing my talk and chatting a bit further he proposed convening a follow on meeting with senior executives of the city’s major hospitals to foster them to engage and adopt our solutions. So, New Tech Tacoma mission accomplished!”
Jim Bilbao, CEO, Turnover Intelligence / Staff Maps

run-studios-squarelogo-1429696169736“Thanks for the great service to the startup community. I’ve done 7 speeches in the past 10 days on VR, and it all started thanks to presenting at New Tech Eastside!”
Paolo Tosolini, Director, Digital and Emerging Media (contractor), Run Studios

“This Meetup truly exceeded my expectations. It’s obvious the hosts know exactly what they are doing and put together a well-run function that had all the proper elements of an environment conducive to networking and just meeting new people! The community itself – which is very much a reflection of the leaders – was genuine, authentic, and high caliber. They made me feel very comfortable and were all so welcoming. If you are looking to meet high-performers, you need to check out this Meetup.”

Raymond Fong, Co-Founder, Deviate Labs

“I can’t thank the New Tech crew enough for what they have done for me.  Just a year ago I was a newbie web dev. I’ve since landed an amazing job that has catapulted my skills forward, found new friendships, and am now cracking on a startup with others I met from New Tech. Without a doubt, it’s the best tech ecosystem in the NW. If you want opportunity, energy and inspiration – go to the next New Tech!”
Dane Schoonover, Founder, iDebate

unnamed“At New Tech Northwest it’s obvious that the team is crazy passionate about the tech and startup community in each of their cities. They generously share their stage, help make connections, and give of their time to help make the tech community in the Northwest even stronger.”
Mike Anderson, CEO, Elevator