The Top 10 Most Fun Happening in Tech Right Now

You’re probably immersed in Seattle Startup Week and I shared insights on that last week. So let’s just have some fun this week by exploring the Top 10 Fun Things Happening in Tech Right Now.

  1. Microsoft launched a flagship store in NYC that’s three stories high and had Applesque lines of fans around the block waiting to get in.
  1. 5G is going to be a game changer. Smart phones are one thing, but smart networks that know what type of device you’re using (including a driverless car) and how you can best use the network? Now that’s smart!
  1. Though live streaming isn’t brain surgery, the first ever live stream of brain surgery just happened. You can thank National Geographic and relive the moments through the #brainsurgerylive hashtag.
  1. Mastercard is moving us closer to being 24/7 consumers and walking wallets by turning everyday items into payment centers. The Internet of Things just got a little creepier.
  1. 3-D printing can create an entire house. An. Entire. House.
  1. Drones can self repair cities. Beyond regular construction, imagine how drones may be able to help during after natural disasters to rebuild communities. …a much more important use than delivering packages to your house.
  1. We now live in a world where a New York City sixth grader is making money selling strong passwords.
  1. Again proving that live streams aren’t brain surgery, over 15 million people watched the first ever free online live stream of an NFL game. Even more surprising than so many people watching a game not involving the Seahawks is that Yahoo was the cutting edge company delivering the goods.
  1. Mike proposing to Maggie using a flash mob, mariachi band and …Google cardboard!??
  1. Birdly is VR that allows you feel like you’re flying without strapping on a wingsuit and flying inches from mountainsides that could rip you to shreds. Who doesn’t love the feeling of flying?

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