The Top 12 Ways for You to Network Like a Pro During the Holidays (Part 1)

It’s hard to believe, but 2018 is rolling to a close faster than you can say ‘nutcracker’. Now that we’ve officially entered the holiday season, how does that impact your networking strategy?

You might think that people are too busy shopping and prepping for the holidays to make time for a professional connection…but in reality, it’s a great season to establish ties that might help you have the best year of your career in 2019.

Fewer people are networking now, so this is your time to shine!

Here are the first 6 of 12 ideas you can use now for boosting your career in the coming year:

  1. Say yes to the invitation. If you are invited to a Thanksgiving feast, a holiday cocktail event or a neighborhood gathering, accept the invite! You never know where you next connection will happen.2. Send a thank you note. After the party, don’t forget to thank your host/hostess…and send LinkedIn requests to the people you want to meet again down the road. It’s good to add everyone you meet to LinkedIn because it increases your business opportunities with them and their expanded networks.

    3. Deck someone else’s halls. Volunteer to help a nonprofit at one of its holiday events. You’ll meet other like-minded people, and one might be the perfect connection for 2019.

    4. Spread gratitude. Thanksgiving is a great time to drop a short email to anyone who helped you out in 2018…and to remind each one of your goals for 2019, particularly if you are looking for a new gig. It never hurts to say thanks.

    5. Channel your inner host. Even if you’re an introvert, hosting a holiday party is a great way to solidify relationships and create new ones. Ask attendees to bring one guest that you don’t know.

    6. Pick up the phone, Joan. Email is easier but phone calls are more personal. Call a few people in your network and wish each one a happy holiday.

    See how many of these you can practice this week and then come back to the blog for 6 more!

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