Top Ten Interview Tips (Part One)

Our next New Tech Northwest job fair is currently scheduled for July 29th, which will be here soon. It may be postponed depending on whether it’s safe for us all to meet then, but we’ll give you some tips to help you ace any upcoming job interviews you have even if the job fair date moves out. If you’re a recruiter interested in attending or having an employer table contact us here.

Regardless of your career field, a hiring manager is typically searching for a variety of qualities that demonstrate your intelligence, leadership skills, integrity, competence and good judgement.

Other skills may include the ability to think independently or solve problems. Showing that you are goal-oriented and proactive are naturally big pluses, too. So, with all of that in mind, here are the first five of ten things that might help set you up for success during the interview process.

  1. Research the employer and the hiring manager. Read company blogs, press releases, articles about the company, its partnerships, products and outlook. If you know the names of the people you’ll be meeting, search for them on LinkedIn.
  2. Don’t forget that most employers today do some social media research on candidates. If you have public accounts with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other platform, think about cleaning them up. Apps like Sweepster can also help with this.
  3. Practice some questions in the mirror or with someone. The more mock interviews you can do, the easier this process becomes. Check Glassdoor for information about the company and the role (but take that information with a grain of salt).
  4. This is a no-brainer, but try to be as authentic and confident during the interview as possible. It’s okay to be nervous, but practicing your answers beforehand will help ensure that you don’t ramble during the actual face-to-face.
  5. When you get into the interview, don’t forget that the hiring manager is also looking for someoneNext week we’ll share five more tips to help you with your interview skills. Whether you need them now or later, they’ll come in handy through your career journey with good listening skills. Listen, listen, listen.
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