New Tech Seattle (April, 14 2020)

New Tech Virtual Event – WFH Mental Health Tips

Tuesday April 14th 4PM-5PM


Join us to learn how you can make sure your mental health is supported in these uncertain times. Many of us are stressed about COVID-19, being laid off, trying to keep our businesses open, trying to take care of our employees, and a myriad of other financial, business and health challenges.

You’ll discover new tips in this Mental Health Check-In AMA with James Pratt: Executive, Leadership and Culture Coach, Management Training & Startup Advisor at Reflective Management

Please note: we will not record this virtual meetup as we want to ensure it is a safe space to share and ask important questions. 

Ticket holders will receive the virtual meeting access code prior to the event!

Please note: You can enjoy this single event for $5 or we invite you to join as a New Tech Plus Patron Member now for less than $10/month to get free access to all other New Tech virtual events and access to a 24/7 virtual community. 

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