6 Tech Apps You Should Know About

We all have our favorite apps. Some we use often, some we may only access a few times a month and some, frankly, we’re addicted to. We thought we’d bring you a few cool new tech apps that are saving you time, bringing you efficiency and fueling your cell phone addictions:

Say goodbye to business cards and hello to easy, instant follow-ups! Developed by New Tech co-founder Red Russak, this app has your back. Sometimes, we suck at following up after networking events and this app makes sure you do! It will streamline your networking process and make things more personable. Download today!

This every day bucket list keeps track of what you and your friends are doing next. Replace your list of recommendations and things to remember with this app! That movie everyone talks about, a new restaurant you want to try, books, tv series, stores… and more categories are available. Organize your fun-ness with Soon!

Tired of doing math problems at the end of dinner with friends? Quit wasting time figuring out who knows what with Tab. It easily scans receipts and let’s you attribute items to each person, calculating tax and tip along the way. Done and done! Start making sharing easier today!

Carrot Weather
Ok, so the weather sucked this winter in the PNW. Make crummy forecasts more fun with Carrot Weather! Mock your misfortune in the PNW rain, sleet and snow and send snarky forecast to your friends. Start today!

Love to run, jog, power walk, or… regular walk? This app is for travelers who love a safe jogging route but may not know the lay of the land. Easy as that! Get it now.

Down To Lunch
Grab friends for an impromptu hang out with Down To Lunch! We’re talking gym sess, casual drink, quick lunch—the works. Sync your contact list and simply hit a button to see who is “down to lunch.” Are you Down To Lunch?

What new apps are you using? Let us know!

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