Do You Suffer From Shadow AI?

By Tony Paikeday, Senior Director of AI Systems, NVIDIA; and Holland Barry, Senior Vice President and Field CTO, Cyxtera In a session with members of New Tech Northwest on August 25, 2020, we will focus on the unique situation many companies have realized in their pursuit of AI. Many organizations find that the majority of … Read more

Founders 5: Amy Balliett, Founder of Killer Visual Strategies

With all the craziness and bad news 2020 has served up, it’s inspiring to learn about the innovation and goodness so many of our members and member companies are creating. One of our long-time friends and New Tech presenter alumni, Amy Balliett, has been inspiring as a 40 Under 40 alumni, entrepreneur since the age … Read more

Breaking Down the Merger and Acquisitions Legal Process

The “M&A” acronym is frequently – and often frivolously – referenced in a corporate setting; however, while the notion of an M&A may be generally understood, too often the mechanics and requirements involved in any given M&A are not well known to the general audience (unless they’ve had first hand experience which not all functions … Read more

Founder’s Five: Shadrach White of CloudPWR/Airlift

Who starts startups and what can they teach us? Since 2013 we’ve been reaching out to founders around the PNW to ask them 5 questions to gain insights and inspiration. This week we talked with Shadrach White of Airlift to find out more about being a game-changer, the value of patience, and some of the … Read more

3 Essential Ways to Advance Your Career Through Introspecting, Listening and Learning

It is hard not to want to make changes in our current environment. Many of the friends in our community have been dipping their toes into career development and self-improvement. Whether it is learning to code in python, improving your graphic design skills, learning to cook, or refining the way we understand the world and … Read more

Tech Gadgets That Can Upgrade Your Work From Home Setup

Whether out of necessity or by choice, remote working has plenty of benefits, like better productivity, lower costs, and more control over your own schedule. But with remote working being described as the new normal, just how prepared are you for it? If you want to upgrade your work from home setup, then these gadgets … Read more

Being Practical with Dr. Bob Danielle

This weeks post comes from our friend at the University of Phoenix, Dr. Bob Danielle.   Blinded by your own light?  Will confirmation bias impact your talent recruitment and hiring practices post COVID-19? Confirmation bias is an individual’s tendency to seek out confirmation for what is already thought to be true and to not search … Read more