Create With Love to Beat Those Who Destroy

What happened in Paris on Friday is incomprehensible to most of us. The act of killing innocent people in the name of anything proves little besides how a minority of the world population enjoys destruction over creation. And how the majority of us prefer supporting each other.

I’m a believer in doing what I can when I can to create a better world for us all. As a New Tech community member, you may feel the same way. In the midst of the terror and chaos being perpetrated by terrorists and school shooters, I choose love.

What people want and need the most is love and appreciation. The more love we create through our small daily acts, how we treat each other, how we run our companies and how we live our lives, the better life is for us and those around us.


After the events in Paris broke my heart I ended up watching BatKid Begins. Ironically, the movie shows how a 5 year old boy with leukemia’s wish ended up unexpectedly opening millions of hearts around the world. The same effect we experienced on Friday, but out of positive creation instead of needless destruction.

What I remembered from this experience was that most of us are starving for fulfillment. Helping others in need contributes to our hearts in deep ways. Opportunities to be selfless put us in touch with greater parts of ourselves and help us to grow while sharing joy.

Feeling a Seattle freeze? Then go warm someone up and you’ll be warmer too.

This week the New Tech community is doing this in two ways. 1) We’re collecting coats, blankets and turkeys for our homeless community at our events on Tuesday night in Kirkland and Thursday night in Seattle, and 2) We’re continuing our partnership with the Washington State Opportunity Scholarship Geeks Give Back campaign, which turns every $1 donated into $4 in matching funds to help women and minorities afford STEM educations.

We accomplish more together. Share your struggles and victories with others so like-minded people can join your efforts. Let’s do what we can when we can every day to create the world we want to live in.

With peace, love and understanding,



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