Discover the Hottest Coding Languages & Coding Meetups in Seattle

Every website you visit and every app you use on your phone is powered by code. Some of these coding languages have been around for decades, while others have only been around for a few years. With dozens of programming languages in wide use these days, and only a finite number of hours in each day, how are aspiring coders and engineers supposed to decide which ones will best suit their career path? Well, wonder no more.

Coding Dojo, a coding school with six locations in the US, recently announced some very interesting findings about the most in-demand coding languages for multiple cities across the US, including Seattle. The school and coding bootcamp, which also announced a collaborative agreement last year with Bellevue College to share its teachers and curriculum, created these rankings based on job postings found on and, as well as Google search data and its own internal class information.

Based on these findings, the six most popular programming languages in the Seattle area are:

1.            Python
2.            Java
3.            JavaScript
4.            C#
5.            ruby
6.            PHP

If you’re in the market for a coding job in the Northwest, you probably can’t go wrong with the top four from that list: Python, Java, JavaScript and C#.

Python first appeared back in 1991. Yes, the same year that Nirvana released “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” But don’t let its age fool you. Python is still amazingly popular as an open-source programming language. It is used by Reddit and Instagram, and is in particularly high demand by local powerhouse Amazon.

Speaking of Amazon, Java is another language used by this top employer, even though it’s now more than two decades old. If your interest lies in website design and coding, then third-ranked JavaScript may be for you. It is used to power the way 90 percent of today’s websites look and function, so web designers with knowledge of JavaScript are always in high demand. Last but not least on this short list is C#. This programming language was developed by Microsoft and is still in heavy use by many well-known companies throughout the region, including Starbucks.

Whether you’re interested in learning more about these languages or are already coding in them, we highly recommend these language-based Meetups: Appy HourBeer & Code MeetupBeers with EngineersHacker News MeetupMoDevnode.js MeetuPuget Sound Programming Python (PuPPy)PyLadies, SeattleJSSeattle .js gaming meetupSeattle Mobile Web AppsSeattle Technical ForumUX Happy Hour, and Women Who Code. You can see a list of all the recurring local events we recommend on our website if you’re looking for great places to connect with tech-minded Seattleites.

Happy coding, and thank you all for contributing to our active community!

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