Discover The Top 5 Ways To Enable Your It To Support Remote Work

Featuring Lael Hester, Solutions Architect, Cyxtera Technologies

Tuesday June 30th 5PM-6PM PDT

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More companies are encouraging employees to work from home. For the IT department, this creates unique challenges related to virtual desktop, managing capacity and maintaining controls. Learn how organizations have been managing their technology through these trying times. Lessons learned can be applied to your organization as the new work environments continue to evolve. In addition, we will address how data centers and their resiliency have supported companies throughout the pandemic.

Your house is now your office and you are competing for bandwidth with family and friends, what issues are you facing?

Is critical infrastructure still inside your office? The same office you can no longer enter?

Are you concerned about security and compliance for your systems?

Is your remote access running into problems with speed and application availability?

Lael Hester is a Solution Architect with experience in data center, networking, and cloud services. He is passionate about technology improving people’s lives by making work more efficient and collaborative, and evangelizes how tech can actually simplify our daily personal lives as well. Networking and resilient infrastructure is more important and relevant today than ever before, and we look forward to sharing ideas and engaging with the New Tech PNW community.

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