Getting Thankful About You

giving-thanksWith this short week upon us, it’s nice to have everyone in our nation focused on where to give thanks. At New Tech we have a lot to be thankful for in our personal, tech and general communities. Let me count the ways.

  1. Starting Thursday we all get a break from the stress, fear, anxiety, anger and depression the election cycle, decisions and post-decision conversations have generated. Hug someone you love and give thanks for the love, family and friends in your life on Thursday.
  2. After Sunday’s game and Russell Wilson’s touchdown catch, our Seahawks are now the favorites to win the Superbowl.
  3. I attended my first board meeting with Seattle Women in Tech as a new board member. We’re planning out an inspiring 2017 full of collaboration, education and opportunity for women and underserved minorities in our tech community.
  4. New Tech Northwest’s calendar for 2017 is full of themed events to connect you with experts and companies in growing fields like IoT, VR/AR, Mobile, Cloud, Diversity in Tech and more.
  5. New Tech is headed towards our 5th year anniversary in February. This is happening because of you. Thank you. Our mission to be the Northwest’s hub for building your tech careers and companies continues to be fulfilled because of members, presenters, sponsors and partners like you.Our amazing community has made us the fastest growing event in Meetup history, taken me and Red to the White House representing Seattle, and allowed us to experience the joys of participating in our innovative and collaborative culture. It’s a privilege to experience the growth of our community and to give back with you. When you sit down to Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday know that you are someone that I, and our New Tech team, are grateful for.

    Thank you for taking this ride with us and the rest of the Northwest tech community.

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