Join us on April 10th for our 6th ANNUAL UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON New Tech Showcase!

April is always a great month with our job fair happening on the 19th and our biggest event of the year, UW CSE New Tech Showcase, happening on April 10th!

If you haven’t attended the UW event before, you really need to go. It’s a great opportunity to learn about some very cool tech coming out of businesses started by UW alumni and professors. If you’re an investor – this is a good place to talent scout.

For six years we’ve been putting on this springtime UW event at the Paul G. Allen Computer Science and Engineering building (UW CSE). It’s one of our favorite venues, because it is such a dynamic event space, in a soaring atrium that awes people as they enter.

Every year we fill the atrium with UW students, alumni, staff, New Tech Northwest regular members and curious Seattle newcomers.  It makes for an especially dynamic and fun event. Just look at the pictures! Of course, the food and beverage come free with your ticket – so if you leave work or your last class hungry, we’ve got you.

Since we started these events with our friends at UW CSE, we’ve watched 25 different startups present their unique ideas – and we’ve see some of them hit it big, like, which was acquired by ebay in 2013. Prior to its sale, decide raised $17 million from Maveron, Madrona and Vulcan.

This year we will hear from 4 new businesses conceived by UW alumni that include:

  • Jeeva Wireless, presented by Vamsi Talla – Jeeva is revolutionizing the way devices communicate.
  • Educative, presented by Fahim ul Haq – Educative provides interactive courses for software engineers.
  • AnswerIQ, presented by Dennis Meng – AnswerIQ is the answer to customer support efficiency. They use AI to boost customer support agent productivity and reduce handling time.


  • UW EcoCAR, presented by Kellen Potocsnak – The UW EcoCAR3 team is competing in the 4-year EcoCAR3 competition to convert a Chevrolet Camaro into an advanced hybrid electric vehicle.

Tickets sell out every year, so don’t be left out. Get one for you and a friend and join us on UW’s beautiful campus on Tuesday, April 10th.  Food is rolled out at 5:30 pm and the event begins at 6:30, so arrive early, grab a plate and a drink and meet some cool people. Then get the inside low-down on some pretty impressive, new technology companies. See you there!

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