Podcast – Finding Community in a Dynamic City

Before our 7th annual UW New Tech Seattle event Red and I were interviewed for the Seattle Growth Podcast. We had a great time sharing about the history of creating New Tech Seattle and how we’re continuing to bring the PNW tech community together with 42,000+ members now.  Here’s the podcast interview and article from Seattle Growth Podcast if you’d like to hear more.

How do you find community in a dynamic city? Newcomers are often looking for a way to feel connected to the city and its people. People who have been here for years are seeing buildings, businesses, and the people of Seattle changing at a rapid pace. It can be a challenge for some to hold on to a sense of belonging in a city that looks very different than it did even five years ago.

Season six of Seattle Growth Podcast brings you diverse perspectives on how to build and maintain a sense of community.

If you are looking for an existing community that is right for you, you just might discover it this season. If you are looking to build a community, you will learn valuable lessons about how to start, nurture, and grow a thriving community. This season will bring you perspectives from tech, music, visual arts, comedy, and a variety of other corners of Seattle.

Through this podcast you will learn more about where Seattle has been, where it is now, and where it is going.

Today’s episode features an interview with Red Russak and Brett Greene, founders of the fastest growing meetup in history, New Tech Northwest. New Tech Northwest creates relationships with people who are passionate about innovation, startups, accelerators, and technology driven companies of all sizes and groups who are doing great things across Northwest communities and worldwide. With over 42,000 members and events in Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma and Portland, New Tech Northwest continues to have a profound impact on the region.

The conversation with ‘Red and Greene’ about tech and Seattle’s changing culture takes a surprising turn that you won’t want to miss.

Today’s episode also features an interview with Jane Richlovsky; a painter, educator, cultural space advocate, and accidental developer. She is the founder of ’57 Biscayne studios and a co-founder of Good Arts LLC, a pioneering artist/developer real estate venture. Her paintings, which depict and unpack American obsessions with consumer goods and real estate, have been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the United States and are represented in private and public collections worldwide.

Richlovsky shares a fascinating story that threatens to upend the traditional narrative about economic growth and its impact on the “starving artist.”

In the episode, host Jeff Shulman plugs the red carpet premiere of his feature length documentary On the Brink. The Seattle Times hailed it as a “A cautionary tale and a call to action in the face of Seattle’s rapid growth.” Tickets for the June 9th red carpet premiere at Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute are available at http://events.uw.edu/onthebrink.

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