Sampling Cryptocurrencies and Alternative Marketplaces

It was a wild ride as we ended 2018. Between the rise and fall of the stock market and cryptocurrencies’ dizzying valuation spins, financial planning was difficult and not for the faint of heart.

Still, most of us are committed to the long term growth of stocks and are curious about what cryptocurrencies might offer us in 2019.

At the New Tech Eastside meetup on Tuesday, January 15, you’ll have a great opportunity to hear a primer on cryptocurrencies from advisor Brent Lyman of Coinme.

Coinme’s mission is to help everyone understand and utilize the power of digital currencies – and to give everyone easy access to their money. To that end, Coinme is the first licensed Bitcoin ATM operator in the US and processes millions of dollars each month.

Brent will give a brief overview of digital currencies, the current market and what Coinme offers to consumers to make investment easy and fun.

His presentation will be followed by Melissa Anne Strawn, founder and CEO of MyPeople This peer-to-peer marketplace for services and experiences helps connect people who have a need with those who can fulfill it. Examples: if you live in the Phoenix area and need cacti removed, there’s a helper for that. Need a vegan birthday cake in the Seattle area? Brook H. has you covered and specializes in red velvet and carrot cakes.

We’ll wrap up the evening with Liza Bayless and an introduction to Unloop. Unloop has a lofty purpose: to help those who have been in prison succeed in gaining employment in the tech industry. Unloop partners with community colleges to offer coding classes to prison inmates, helping them prepare for careers upon release. Once they are back in the general population, Unloop continues to support graduates through an industry mentorship program and professional development workshops.

You must preregister for this event, which begins at 5:30 pm at ebay in Bellevue.

This is just one example of the dynamic lineups of speakers New Tech Northwest offers each and every month. If you haven’t discovered us yet, 2019 should be the year that you do. Not only can you further your knowledge, but you can make connections and just have fun.

We hope you join us soon. See you on Tuesday!

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