Seattle: leading the way in AI

On February 11, President Trump signed an executive order creating the American AI Initiative, the nation’s first formal effort to ensure the US remains a leader in shaping global artificial intelligence policies and programs. Although new budget funds are not allocated toward this program, federal agencies have been ordered to prioritize investments in AI, develop standards that foster its development and the order issues a call for international cooperation.

Seattle is certainly doing its part to break new ground in our understanding of artificial intelligence and the diverse ways it can change the way we live and work. Here are just three of the local startups to watch in this space:

Five years ago, Mighty AI created a platform that used people-derived data to help train computerized vision systems, initially on behalf of self-driving car developers. Today,  it is a 70+ employee company with funding from investors such as GV (Google). Inc. magazine just published a fascinating story about a management crisis and how Mighty AI dealt with it.

Textio offers valuable insights to employers through an augmented writing platform for job listings. By analyzing over 10 million job posts per month, Textio can predict the success rate of a job listing and provide guidance for improving it. It’s a lifesaver for employers needing to boost the number of good candidates in competitive hiring markets, or companies looking to increase the diversity of applicants. Initially launched in 2015, Textio’s clients today include companies such as Nvidia, CVS and Johnson & Johnson.

Travel agencies using Utrip’s personalization platform and AI recommendation engine can easily make customer experiences simple, enjoyable and personal. Individual preferences, budget, geography and other relevant factors can be sifted through in seconds to offer each customer an imaginative travel option. Utrip’s platform also offers fascinating insights into travel preferences; for example, we learned that in 2017, Millennials loved traveling to Barcelona, London, Amsterdam, San Francisco and Miami more than other destinations.

Watch for some of Seattle’s great AI startups to present at New Tech events this year!

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