Welcome to 2019! Your Best YearYet!

Now that the hustle and bustle of Christmas and Hanukkah is done, your thoughts may turn to New Year’s resolutions. For millions of us, it’s an annual ritual…yet very few of us will keep those resolutions even six months into 2019.

A survey in 2017 showed that 53 percent of Americans resolved to save money in 2018. Another significant group vowed to lose weight. How many of us are richer and healthier today than we were 12 months ago? You get the point.

There might be a better way to make 2019 the best year yet for you, your career and your business. Instead of the usual resolutions, here are suggestions for how to ensure that the first six months of 2019 are rewarding:

JanuaryBe grateful. You’ve made it through another year, and you owe your success in part to people who helped you along the way. Pick someone, call him or her to set a date and treat them to coffee.

FebruaryNetwork. If you’re looking for your next career move or want to build your business, plan to attend a New Tech Northwest meetup in Seattle, Bellevue or Tacoma. Make a new connection.

MarchFreshen up your LinkedIn profile. Invite a few more people to join your network. Write a short piece of content and post it. And don’t forget to post comments on what your network members are talking about.

April Do something for your community. Spring cleanups are happening, charity events need volunteers and food banks always need canned goods. If you just can’t make the time to participate, send a donation to your favorite nonprofit.

MayLearn something new. There are lots of workshops and classes happening in the spring through our organization and others. You’ll gain a new skill and perhaps make new connections at the same time.

June Help a graduate. The next generation of entrepreneurs and workers are entering the marketplace. If you know one, spend an hour helping him or her brainstorm about the next chapter in life. Your experience is invaluable.

We hope you had a very happy holiday season, and we’ll look forward to building community with you in 2019.

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